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Welcome to J.D. Byrider.

We’re the leading used car and finance company franchise, with more locations and a greater number of satisfied customers.
For more than 21 years, we have uniquely offered quality cars and service to millions of car-buyers who need help getting financing. We match every customer with a vehicle that fits their personal needs, and we stand behind every car we sell.

At J.D. Byrider, no car is sold “as is.” It’s rare in our business, but we back our cars with a warranty* and keep them running through expert service provided exclusively to our customers.

Our Byrider Value-Added Price is a package of better cars, affordable payments and on-site service, all designed for a long-term relationship with our customers.

Come in and find out more about J.D. Byrider. When we say “good cars for people that need credit,” it’s not just a slogan. It’s a promise.

What we offer
We offer a way to get rolling in life.

We’re the leading used car and finance company franchise, because we provide our customers with better cars, affordable payments, and better car care after the sale.

We offer customers that need help getting financing with the opportunity to buy a high-quality used car on credit. Our vehicles are typically five to ten year old—cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. Each has been individually selected and each has passed a comprehensive inspection. Plus, every one of our cars is sold with a warranty,* backed by expert service departments available exclusively to our customers.

For many of our hard-working customers, we offer a way to own a reliable vehicle to get them to their jobs, and a way they can advance in life. That’s our specialty! We match people who need help getting financing with cars that fit their needs and budgets. And then we help keep them on the road with expert servicing.

We offer trust. We treat our customers with dignity and respect, and we thoroughly explain the terms of the sale. We offer a modern, professional, and sophisticated dealership, backed by our more than 21 years of experience in the industry.

In every way, we offer service. Our customers have had difficulty qualifying for credit, and we don’t underserve them because of it. We know their past, but we believe in their future.

Fortunately, we have satisfied customers across the country.


“My overall sales experience was very positive.”
“I’m not having any problems. The staff was very nice…they even gave me a ride to work. The experience was absolutely positive.”


“My salesperson…was always very nice to me. He explained everything clearly to me and I was approved in less than an hour.”
“The car was cleaned up inside and out when I got. It was also running very well…”


“Overall the staff at the sales center was great…”
“This was the most positive experience with a car ever.”
* Limited warranty or service agreement. See dealer for full details.
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